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OSU College of Arts and Sciences Department of Astronomy

First MicroFUN Workshop

Stardome Observatory
Auckland, New Zealand
2008 Dec 15-18

The First MicroFUN Workshop was hosted by the Stardome Observatory in Auckland New Zealand 2008 December 15 thru 18, drawing together amateur and professional astronomers to review the status of the MicroFUN collaboration, plan for the future, and celebrate our successes over the last few Bulge seasons.

Linked below are PDF files of the talks presented at the workshop.

Workshop pictures coming soon...

Monday, Dec 15

Session 1

Introduction & Overview

Grant Christie & Jennie McCormick (Auckland, NZ): Welcome

Andy Gould (OSU): Review of MicroFUN Planet Detections (2005-2008)

Andy Gould (OSU): Event Selection

Data Acquisition (1)

Bill Allen (Blenheim, NZ): Vintage Lane Observatory

Greg Bolt (Perth, AUS): Perth (Craigie) Observatory

Grant Christie (Auckland, NZ): Auckland Observatory

Session 2

Lightcurve Modeling (1)

Scott Gaudi (OSU): Light Curve Phenomenology

Cheongho Han (Chungbuk, Korea): Planet Lightcurve Characteristics

Subo Dong (OSU): Robust Modeling of Single-Planet Systems

Data Acquisition (2)

Chung-Uk Lee (KASI): Mt. Lemmon Robotic Telescope

Gavin Milne (Auckland, NZ): Teaching Astronomy at Secondary School Level

Tuesday, Dec 16

Session 3

Data Reduction (1)

Chung-Uk Lee (KASI): Data Analysis (DIA vs. ISIS)

Subo Dong (OSU): Coordination

Data Acquisition (3)

Jennie McCormick (Auckland, NZ): Farm Cove Observatory

David Moorhouse & Guy Thornley (Kumeu, NZ): Kumeu Observatory

Richard Pogge (OSU): CTIO/SMARTS

Session 4

Other Work

Tim Natusch (AUT, NZ): Radio Astronomy in NZ

Auxiliary Information

Andy Gould (OSU): Getting Other Parameters from Microlensing

Subo Dong (OSU): High-Resolution Imaging with HST and VLT

Lightcurve Modeling (2)

Scott Gaudi (OSU): Multi-Planet Microlensing

Wednesday, Dec 17 - Excursion

Thursday, Dec 18

Session 5

Data Reduction (2)

Szymon Kozlowski (OSU): Difference Imaging Analysis

Future of Microlensing Planet Searches

Scott Gaudi (OSU): Next-Generation Microlensing Planet Searches from Space and Ground

Byeong-Gon Park (KASI): The Korean Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet)

Data Acquisition (4)

John Drummond (Gisborne, NZ): Possum Observatory

Marc Bos (Glenfield, NZ): Molehill Astronomical Observatory

Grant Christie (Auckland, NZ): New Telescope in NZ