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OSU College of Arts and Sciences Department of Astronomy

Second MicroFUN Workshop

Stardome Observatory
Auckland, New Zealand
2012 Dec 29-31

The Second MicroFUN Workshop was hosted by the Stardome Observatory in Auckland New Zealand 2012 December 29 thru 31, drawing together amateur and professional astronomers to review the status of the MicroFUN collaboration, plan for the future, and celebrate our successes over the last few Bulge seasons.

Linked below are PDF files of the talks presented at the workshop.

Pictures by Dave Moorhouse

Session 1: Welcome & Introduction

Grant Christie & Jennie McCormick (Auckland, NZ): Welcome

Scott Gaudi (OSU): Microlensing/MicroFUN in the context of planet and brown dwarf science

Jennifer Yee (OSU): What information can we get about planets from microlensing?

Scott Gaudi (OSU): Light Curve Phenomenology and Real-time Planet Identification

Andy Gould (OSU): Review of 9 years of MicroFUN

Session 2: Network Operations

Grand Christie (Auckland, NZ): Discussion of Network Operations

Michael Albrow (University of Canterbury): Difference-imaging photometry with pySIS3

Session 3: Future

Cheongho Han (Chungbuk University): Korean Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet)

Jennifer Yee (OSU): The Ongoing Importance of Follow-Up

Andy Gould (OSU): M31 microlensing

Scott Gaudi (OSU): Euclid/WFIRST (see slides at the end of 1st Gaudi talk)